Repair Services

We have all the necessary parts for complete repair. NMR Spray Equipment is committed to delivering the best support and repairs for our customers and the spray equipment they purchase. Our company delivers a full range of services, including new equipment, replacement parts, accessories, and repairs on the equipment that you purchase.

We understand the importance of providing repair services in order to meet the challenges of the finishing process for all industries, including automotive, commercial, and industrial. After all, even with regular maintenance and proper cleaning, your spray equipment is going to undergo normal wear and tear that leads to broken parts.

Our factory-trained technicians are here to replace malfunctioning components and get your system up and running efficiently as quickly as possible. Our service repair staff handles repairs for equipment from all of the leading manufacturers of spray and liquid handling systems, including DeVilbiss, Wagner, Binks, Graco, Asturo, Champion, SprayTECH, Airlessco, Titan, and Speeflo.

Missing OEM Parts?

If the parts needed to repair your spray equipment are no longer actively made by the manufacturer, we can still repair it for you. Our experienced machinists can manufacture replicas of the necessary part using their skills and our state-of-the-art machining equipment. This service is one that we provide willingly and as affordable as possible. Of course, if the part you need is currently available, we'll probably have it in stock since we keep most commonly needed components on hand at all times.

What Types of Equipment Do We Repair?

The service technicians at NMR Spray Equipment have the skills and knowledge needed to repair every type of equipment that we sell, including...

  • Manual & Automatic Spray Guns
  • Material Supply Systems
  • Electrostatic Equipment
  • Plural Component Equipment
  • Complete Line of Airless Equipment
  • Hot & Cold Pressure Washers
  • Industrial Spray Booths
  • Compressors

What NMR Spray Equipment’s Repair Services Offer You

Our knowledgeable technicians understand the importance of completing repairs quickly, so you'll receive fast turnaround on your project. We'll deliver quality repairs whether it's an emergency or a routine maintenance and tuning. If you think the problem is a minor one, why not call us and see if we can help you troubleshoot the problem over the phone. If we believe the situation requires a thorough inspection, we'll let you know.

We Can Fix a Variety of Problems

Since our technicians are factory-trained, they have the expertise needed to repair just about anything - no matter what the problem is. Here is a look at some of the common issues that our techs are often faced with fixing...

  • Motor Runs but Nothing Happens
  • Liquid Leaks
  • Spray Gun Spits when it Shouldn't
  • Pressure Seems to be Too Low
  • There Doesn’t Seem to be Any Pressure at All
  • Motor Won't Turn on Even Though it has a Power Source
  • Motor Runs Intermittently, On and Off with Inconsistent Cycling
  • Motor Turns On and then Off Immediately
  • Displacement Pump not Operating Properly
  • Output is Less than it Used to Be

“If we can’t fix it, nobody can!”


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