Industrial Users’ Spray Products

 For Industrial ApplicationsHere at NMR Spray Equipment, we offer an all-inclusive selection of solutions for your industrial fluid handling and finishing needs. Our products are sourced from leading manufacturers of industrial equipment, parts, and accessories, giving our customers access to quality finishing systems from well-known brands with the experience and background needed to produce durable, state-of-the-art equipment offering consistency and high performance.

Understanding the differences in business requirements regarding this type of equipment, we offer fluid handling pumps in different styles, including diaphragm, piston pump, and bellows. In this way, we keep your company covered for a wide variety of materials and coatings with the option to purchase pumps offering diversity in pressure needs and flow capability.

NMR Spray Equipment sells plural component equipment for every purpose, including protective coatings, spray foam insulation, epoxy fireproofing coatings, polyuria/polyurethane coatings and more. We have every size and style, so our customers can find what they need to complete a small or a large project requiring a combination of components to be mixed whether in liquid or powder form.

Our selection of hot and cold pressure washers, delivers dependable performance through economical designs that have been carefully tested for consistency. Currently, we offer diesel gas and oil powered pressure washers as well as portable, belt drive, skid mounted, direct drive, and trailer mounted styles, providing the kind of flexibility that our customers appreciate. Our multi-gun model is a popular choice for larger industries, such as manufacturing plants and refineries. Accessories (automatic shutdown, remote control feature, and electronic ignition capabilities) for this type of equipment can simplify your use of it.

Whether you are looking for air-assisted or airless electrostatic equipment, we have something suitable for your needs. Electrostatic equipment is often the preferred choice when you need to create a thicker coating or have a concern about over-spray and the waste it creates.

Perfectly designed for larger projects involving oversized work pieces, industrial spray booths offer the kind of flexibility needed to complete the job at hand well. Open-grid flooring permits recycling of excess powder coating or paint, and the spray gun can be reciprocator-mounted or set up in an offhand position for easy deployment. All industrial spray booths are set up with internal ventilation systems and lighting for ease of use.

When pressure is required for the completion of your project, our selection of compressors has been chosen for their record of successful performance. Each pressure generator or compressor has the ability to pressurize the fluid being used in order to direct it toward the item requiring coating. In some cases, it is the air or other propellant that becomes pressurized in order to create a more forceful expulsion.

Available for a variety of fluids, material supply systems assist in dispensing liquids/powders for the purpose of coating an object. Replacement parts are available, including valve stacks, valves, and electromechanical parts.

Our inventory of industrial spraying equipment is one of the largest in the country, and it includes a complete line of airless equipment as well as manual and automatic spray guns. We are sure that you'll be satisfied with the available assortment of spray equipment and tools.


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