Contractors’ Spray Products

Roof SprayerAs professional contractors, your company’s growth and reputation relies on the quality of your equipment, including fluid handlers and sprayers. Here at NMR Spray Equipment, we offer a wide range of products designed with contractors in mind. These products include airless sprayers, texture sprayers, line striping equipment, pressure washers, fine finish sprayers, parts, and accessories. If your business requires fluid handling equipment for sealants, paints, spray finishing, adhesives, or lubricants, please contact us for information on our selection of state-of-the-art equipment designed for these purposes.

As a global distributor of spraying equipment for contractors, NMR Spray Equipment offers a varied selection of new and reconditioned sprayers and accessories, making us your one-stop shop for all spraying-related equipment, including walk-behind styles, ride-on models, truck-mounted versions, and hand-held devices. Here's a brief introduction to our products.


Airless Sprayers

Styled to deliver predictable, consistent results for fluid handling airless sprayers are sold in electric and gas powered models, giving customers the convenience and flexibility they want or need for this type of task.

Texture Sprayers

Designed with durability in mind, our texture sprayers are available in electric and gas powered styles. They are fashioned to increase your productivity through versatile features that enable you to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Texture sprayers are available for both interior and exterior jobs requiring decorative and aggregate textures, including high-gloss finishes, applied through the spraying process. High-output capability is available.

Line Striping Equipment

If you are looking for line striping equipment to mark parking lots, airports, roads, sports fields, bike paths, city streets, or intersections, we have a wide assortment of styles featuring everything from walk-behind styles to ride-on models. We also sell truck-mounted and thermoplastic line stripers. Each style has been built to deliver efficiency, convenience, and flexibility in use. If you are looking for scarifiers to help eliminate existing lines made with epoxy or paint, please ask.

Pressure Washers

Available in a wide assortment, pressure washers are styled to provide occasional cleaning assistance and/or heavy-duty cleaning. They can be used in sanitizing projects due to their powerful capabilities. The pressure washers we sell are heavy duty, reliable, and durable. Air-operated, electric, and gas-powered styles are available.

Fine Finish Sprayers

Fine finish sprayers are built to deliver a fine finish featuring the highest quality possible. The results are smooth and even, a feature that is necessary for intricate detailing including that found on cabinetry, woodwork, fine furniture, railings, and other decorative aspects of a home or office. This style of sprayer is available in air-assisted airless electric sprayers, air-assisted airless pneumatic sprayers, air sprayers, electric turbine, and airless handheld battery-powered sprayers.

Parts and Accessories

Keeping your equipment in good shape as well as up-to-date is an essential aspect of running a business. OEM parts and accessories are designed to enhance your use of your equipment, while offering the kind of dependability that you've come to rely on with your fluid handling and spray equipment. NMR Spray Equipment carries one of the widest assortments of parts and accessories, including spray tips, tip guards, filters, strainers, adapters, fittings, hoses, mixers, controllers, and more.


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