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Centeralized lube productsOffering dependable, robust equipment is what we do best so that you can complete your projects dependably, affordably and safely. Increase your productivity and your bottom line with an investment in the best spraying systems and equipment on the market today. NMR Spray Equipment understands just how important it is for your business to replace a failing system, source a replacement part, or purchase a newer model, and we'll help you do so consistently, courteously, and cost-effectively. We are your best source for the finest spray equipment!

Spraying Equipment for Contractors

From airless to air-assisted, today spraying systems come in such a varied assortment that contractors can find just about anything, which is why we make sure that we have a little of everything. We carry fluid handling equipment for all manner of liquids (sealants, paints, spray finishing, adhesives, and lubricants), as well as the parts to keep them functioning.

Temperamental Liquids & Powders

Fine finishing sprayersDue to their consistency, many liquids handled by some industries require specialized dispensing equipment capable of handling thicker consistencies as well as formulas needing blending just prior to spraying. Here at NMR Spray Equipment, we don't want our customers lacking for anything, so we carry a full line of products suitable for industrial sprays across an all-inclusive range of industries.

As spraying equipment specialists, the staff at NMR Spray Equipment has handled a few projects of their own, including those requiring the dispensing of adhesives, sealants, or specialized coatings. We know what works and what doesn't and we only sell the finest sprayers on the market today. If it needs to glisten, reach tiny crevices, or provide the smoothest surface, our fine finishing sprayers are exactly what you need. Check them out online and see what we have.

Larger Projects?

Products for super-sized spraying/coating applicationsWhen you are dealing with super-sized spraying/coating applications, an industrial spraying booth delivers the space, security and equipment needed to accomplish the job in the minimal amount of time without sacrificing the safety of your workers. Here at NMR Spray Equipment, we source an all-inclusive selection of solutions suitable for quality finishing, superior painting, and exceptional protective coating. If it exists, we can get it. Just ask.


Cars, Trucks, and More!

Towable self-contained abrasive blasterHigh-functioning sprayers are important for automotive painting and coating, which is why NMR Spray Equipment provides a varied selection of manual and automatic spray guns and liquid handlers designed for the precision work required within this industry. If you want the job done well, you need access to the best equipment.

More Than Just Equipment!

Our sales program doesn’t end with your initial purchase. We offer a broad range of accessories and replacement parts for all types of fluid handling systems no matter which industry is involved. Plus, we offer the kind of repair service that our customers have come to rely upon that's affordable and fast!

If you have any questions or require a one-on-on conversation for any reason, please contact us during normal business hours. Our representatives are knowledgeable about all of the products we sell and can provide clear answers regarding pricing and availability. Check out our section of frequently asked questions, too!


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